About Rachel Spaid

Hello! I am a 29 year old living in and loving Missoula! In October of 2021 I moved here from Kalispell. But, originally I am from Oregon; I moved to Montana in 2018 and haven't looked back. The constant rain drove me to look for a place with weather I love, and a good equestrian community. On the weekends I run a successful photography business that I've owned since 2010.

My experience with children...

I have been working with children since I was 13 years old. Starting out, I watched children during church services in the childcare. That was something I did for 10 years, eventually leading a class of toddlers. My week nights and weekends were spent babysitting for families I knew during middle school and high school. Summers were spent working at in home daycares until college. Once in college, I nannied for a couple separate families. After college I spent 2 years working full time in an infant and toddler daycare. I loved that job, and would have stayed if I didn't move to Montana. The last few years I've taken a break from childcare, but I am so excited to be getting back into it!

In my spare time...

I love to ride, and spend time with my horse, Dante; as well as work around the property where I board him. I also have 2 dogs, Wednesday and Finley who I love to hike with. We lead a very active lifestyle, but I love my days where we take it slow. I enjoy photographing everything I can for fun as well as for my business.

During our slow days you can find me working on my crochet, knitting, watercolor painting and calligraphy. Art is a big passion of mine, and I love to incorporate as much creativity into what I do and teach.