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Hello, my name is Rachel Spaid, and I am a Montana Portrait and Pet photographer based in Missoula! But, you can find me traveling to the Flathead, Bozeman and even Billings on a regular basis.

While I am not originally from Montana, I live for the cold and snow. Growing up near Portland, OR, I always thought I hated the cold. Wrong, I hated the wet cold that is Oregon. These dry, cold days we have here, are the best!

I just turned 30 and am loving living down here in Missoula. In 2021 I moved after living in Columbia Falls for 3 years. I live with my two dogs, Wednesday and Finley, and enjoy driving down Florence to see my horse, Dante multiple times a week.

In my free time you can find me on hiking trails year round, horseback riding, cross country skiing, or doing art.

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Available for hire in NW Montana. Travel: I regularly make trips to the Flathead, Bozeman, and Billings.

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